Soy 3-Wick Candles

Soy 3-Wick Candle


Artisan soy 3-Wick candles with excellent scent throw, fills your entire room with scent! The wax used is made from American-grown soybeans. Like all other products sold, these are handmade. We use the maximum amount of fragrance possible for maximum scent throw. Keep wicks trimmed to at most 1/4 in for optimal burning. Candle stock goes quickly, so if any of these are sold out, head to our "made to order" candle listing (which has many more scents currently.) We will be adding new scents and stock to this listing as we make them.

  • Custom Orders

    Custom orders always accepted! Please message, call, email, or text to inquire about scents, if the scent you are looking for is not listed. We may have more scents than listed on our site! A scent list page will be coming soon.

  • Care

    Keep wicks trimmed to at most 1/4 in, I prefer 1/8 in, for optimal burning.

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