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Cauldron Apothecary

Clean, safe, and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free home and body goods, handmade from scratch in California.

About Us

Living with sensitive skin has always been an issue for me. Products are either fun but cause flare-ups, or they are bland and too heavy (or too expensive). I've always been inspired by nature, and am very conscious that all products I use only contain clean ingredients, that are healthy for myself and the Earth. Creating my soap formula started with my sensitive skin. I did not want any ingredients that could cause irritation, stripping, or too heavy. I start with the highest quality plant oils, ingredients everyone can recognize and pronounce, and combine old medicine with modern solutions. 

The Cauldron Apothecary difference is that every ingredient and companies purchased from are highly researched for purity, quality, and effectivity. We use no prefabricated bases, only raw ingredients with our formulations to maintain our top-quality standards. I will not purchase anything less than top-quality, and I will not use any ingredients that could have a negative impact on health or the Earth. There is a very limited number of companies that ingredients are purchased from, because not all companies fit my strict standards of quality and safety. If I would not want to use an ingredient on myself or my family, it will not be found in my products. Every ingredient, including fragrances, are researched and tested before purchasing and using, which will never change. We never use additives, preservatives, alcohol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and there is absolutely no animal testing on our products or ingredients sourced. You can be assured that all products from Cauldron Apothecary are safe and effective, while being made with care.

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